The Bald Brothers Making Baseball Fun Again

Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Many Yankees fans, and baseball fans in general, are currently being spoiled by the moon shots being hit by MLB’s current home run leader, Aaron Judge. And rightfully so, the right fielder with the body of an NFL lineman is not only a rookie of the year candidate, but also has some people talking about MVP. Whatever happens happens, but it’s a blast watching Judge hit the ball.

But let us not put on the back burner possibly the most exciting home run competition of the season. While it’s no Mantle vs Marris, the battle of The Bald Brothers, Brett Gardner and Matt Holliday, cannot be overlooked. These two vets are not only making bald sexy again, but they’re having a great time out there. Fifty four games into the season and these two find themselves tied with twelve home runs a piece, good for second on the team. And it seems every time one gets ahead in the race, the other is quick to answer back. And the dugout loves it! Taking nothing away from “The Judge,” but watching The Bald Brothers mash is definitely going to be the highlight of this season!


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