All Rise for The Judge

Credit: Kathy Willens | AP

Last week, I wrote about one of the seasons most exciting home run competitions, that of the Bald Brothers, Brett Gardner and Matt Holiday. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely exciting. I mean these two grizzly vets are still going at it with 13 homers a piece. But Aaron Judge is truly on another level. I mean, even before this article, or the last one for that matter, I always would stop what I am doing when Judge is up to bat. And thank god I have.

This mammoth of a man, at 6’7″ and over 280 pounds, is doing someone no one else in the Major Leagues today is physically capable of. First off, he is Major League Baseball’s Home Run Leader. And as impressive as that is, he’s managed to make it even more of an accomplishment.

Judge’s last two home runs… just wow.

On June 10th, in an absolute dismantling of the Baltimore Orioles, Judge crushed a home run off of pitcher Chris Tillman. Traveling a mere 382 feet, what is truly astonishing was the ball’s exit velocity. At 121.1 mph, 36.1 mph faster than the highest legal speed you are allowed to drive in the United States, Judge broke his own record for the fastest exist velocity this season. Not to mention, that gives Judge the four hardest hit balls this season.

Today though, he followed it up with something even more impressive. In the bottom of the sixth inning of an¬†absolute dismantling of the Baltimore Orioles (yes, you’re seeing the trend here), Judge “Hulked” a home run to left center field. It was amazing to watch. This ball cleared the bleachers… you read that right, the ball cleared the bleachers. The measurement on that bad boy, 495 ft! That moonshot went all the was to Nesa (not a misspelling, its one of Neptune’s moon’s)

Now bear in mind, this ball did not have a particularly large amount of loft under it. So just think about that for a second and imagine what he can do to a ball on a summer night or a hot weekend afternoon when the stars and the planets align and he tees off on that meatball you throw down the middle. Pitchers… be afraid, be very afraid.


Judge also just put into action an amendment to this article. He belted his second of the game prompting a very suitable quote from Yankee Great, Paul O’Neill “The Ballpark can’t handle him.”


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