LA Angels Twitter Falls From Grace due to Poor “Judge”ment

Credit: Ben Walker/AP

Wow, I’ve barely gotten into it and the puns are already running rampant.

So, this morning, I’d bet the LA Angels’ Twitter crew’s breath smelled pretty bad after putting their foot in their mouth last night. I mean, have they never heard of the old adages, ‘Don’t poke a sleeping bull,’ or ‘You mess with the bear, you’re gonna get the horns,’ and stuff like that.

What was it though that had Twitter all up in arms last night? This cute and seemingly witty tweet, that’s what.

Alright, I get it, haha (sarcasm). Aaron “Judge,” so they go with the courtroom pun after he is punched out in the first. But seriously, have these guys ever heard of Karma? Like, this dude you’re poking fun at is the Major League leader in Home Runs, owns the four hardest hit baseballs of the season as well as the longest hit ball of the season. That’s the guy you want to troll? I mean, it’s gonna look really bad if Judge came up with a guy on, in a tie game in the top of the 8th. But as they say, “That’s a bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.”

Wait, what? Judge did come up to bat in the 8th, with a guy on?. Yup, and Judge ejected that ball from the courtroom and swayed the jury in favor of the Yankees for the 5-3 verdit of #Winning (you know that’s a Charlie Sheen reference). See, I can troll too. But it helps to do it when you win.

Because, as you know in this social media age, things don’t just go away. Ohhh no. The Twitterverse made sure to let the Angels know of their folly. With wonderful responses trolling the trolls using some legal jardon. But one such Twitterer (Tweeter?) took it to the next level, “@Angels Tweaking @TheJudge44 in the middle of the trial? Not too smart. P.S. Readily audible chants of “M-V-P” for Judge in your house? Ouch.”

Seriously, not only did these guys lose, they got roasted on Twitter, but their own fans were chanting “MVP” when Judge was up. Ouch indeed.

All they can do now though is learn from their mistake, and next time they want to troll “The Judge”, just remember…


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